Who We Are

IHWB was formed in November 2022 when there was a clear need to establish a respectable and practical organization to promote its vision and undertake its mission. The organization is registered as a non-profit in California. IHWB leaders, staff members, and supporters collectively contribute to the IHWB mission from wherever they live and work across the United States and in foreign countries to accomplish the ongoing projects. Everyone coming to IHWB is voluntary, serves without compensation, and is expected to uphold the organization’s standards of conduct.

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Executive Leadership:

  • Chairman/President: Mr. Tyler Nguyen
  • Vice President for Management: Mr. Tony Duong
  • Vice President for Operations: Mr. Duke Nguyen
  • Secretary: Mr. Sky Pham
  • Overseas Director for Vietnam: Mr. Benny Franklin
  • CTO: Mr. Robert Emanuel

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